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How To Find A Reputable Automobile Repair Shop

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Finding a reputable auto repair shop requires a great deal of diligent research. You can find some help in this task by going to the following online websites for their advice and recommendations:

  • Yelp - This online website lists consumer reviewed car repair shops in different US locations. Yelp has a number of optional search filters so that you can search for a car repair shop by distance, price, open hours, and special deals. The reviews are extensive. This is a digital version of word-of-mouth recommendations. 
  • BBB Better Business Bureau (BBB) - Once you have located a car repair shop that you would like to try, research that company on the BBB website to see if they have been screened, monitored, and approved by them. 
  • Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals (NARPRO) - is an online website that recommends reputable auto repair shops in different US locations. You must be an NARPRO member to read their recommendations. 
  • - This online website provides tips and advice to find a good auto repair shop. 
  • Consumer Reports - If you have a subscription to Consumer Reports you can read their car repair shop ratings. They conduct consumer surveys on car repair shops to find those shops with the best recommendations for quality of work, repair satisfaction, price, timeliness, and courtesy. 
  • National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) - This non-profit organization tests and certifies automotive repair technicians for their level of expertise, technical knowledge, and repair work. Ask the car repair shop that you are considering if they have any mechanics that have an ASE certificate. Also, ASE has a "Blue Seal Shop Locator" online so that you can locate car repair shops that employ ASE-certified car mechanics. 

You can always ask for recommendations from the following people and contacts: 

  • Auto Parts Stores, Body Shops, and Tire Shops - Ask at automotive parts and tire stores as well as body shops for recommended car repair shops. The personnel working in these shops come into contact with many people who have opinions on local car mechanics and car repair shops. These shops are good local resources to narrow your search. 
  • Friends, Relatives, and Business Associates - Ask your family, friends and others for personal recommendations for a good car mechanic. A word-of-mouth recommendation can be extremely valuable when looking for a local car mechanic. 

Once you find a good car repair shop, it would be helpful if you would leave an online review of the shop so other people can benefit from your experience. The more recommendations that are listed the better these resources will be. Contact a local shop, like Vince's Auto Service, to begin your search.