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3 Things You Didn't Know About Registering Your Car

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Registering your vehicle is something you have to do every year. Registration allows the police department to know who the true owner of a vehicle is, and allows you to pay certain taxes that benefit the general public in your community, including yourself. Your registration fees include fees to the police department, roadways, and emergency services, among other things. You may know that you have to legally register the vehicle you drive, but did you know about other legalities regarding registration? Discover them here, so you can always be within the law.

If it's on your property, it must be registered

Even if a vehicle isn't running, you must register it every year as long as you are still the owner. This may be something you don't know, but you will soon find out when you receive a notice from your local police department telling you that you must remove or register your vehicle or pay a fine. If you have questions about any exceptions to this law, contact your local DMV to see what you can do about your non-running vehicles.

You can register your vehicle online

Your car registration is almost expired, and you don't want to have to wait in line at the DMV to have your plates renewed. Did you know you can save yourself the time and hassle and register your car online instead? You will need to know the VIN of your vehicle and other specifics, and you should know it may take a few weeks to receive your registration in the mail, so keep this in mind if your vehicle is already up for registration or you don't have time to wait. In some cases, a police officer will accept a printed copy of your receipt showing your plates have been renewed if you get pulled over for lack of registration.

You can register a vehicle for someone else

As long as you are just paying the renewal fees and not registering a newly purchased or acquired car for the first time, you can register a vehicle for someone even if it is not also in your name. Your identification may be requested, but you can simply state that you are registering a vehicle for someone because they are at work or unable to attend. Most DMVs don't have a problem with you registering someone's vehicle as long as you are not trying to claim ownership or change the registration in any way.

You must register your car every year, whether it is running or not. You can register a car online, or even register a person's vehicle for them if they simply need to pay fees to renew their plates. These things are handy to know in the event you run into issues registering a vehicle in the future.

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