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Why The Air Conditioner In Your Vehicle Is Inefficient

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Are you frustrated with having to wait a long time to get cool air in your vehicle on hot days? It is possible that you need a new air conditioning system installed, but there may also be other things that are the root of the inefficient cooling problem. Discover below what you should know about air conditioning problems in a vehicle.

Why Does the Air Conditioner in a Vehicle Become Inefficient?

The most common reason for the air conditioner in a vehicle becoming inefficient is due to there being little to no refrigerant available.  There is no way for the air conditioner to get cool without refrigerant because the evaporator coil needs the fluid to get cold. Refrigerant actually turns into a gas via the condenser coil to make the metal of the evaporator coil cold enough to cool off warm air when it passes through. You may simply need to get refrigerant placed inside of your vehicle to resolve the problem.

If you recently put more refrigerant in your vehicle but there is still an inefficient cooling problem, the problem may stem from a leak. It is possible that some of the fittings surrounding the hoses in the air conditioning system are loose or worn out. A mechanic can perform an inspection to find out if any of the fittings are in need of being tightened or replaced.

It is possible that the blower to the air conditioner may not be as strong as it once was. A bad blower can lead to a small amount of air coming through the vents. Although a bad blower can be replaced, it is wise to invest in a new system if the blower and multiple other parts are damaged beyond a simple repair. If you are riding around in an old vehicle, your air conditioner will likely continue being inefficient until you get it replaced.

How Much is a Professional Air Conditioner Repair for a Vehicle?

Getting your air conditioner inspected by a professional to determine what the problem is can cost up to $300. Refrigerant leaks can cost as little as $150 and up to get repaired. If the professional determines that more than one part is in need of a replacement, it can cost at least $1,000. Replacing all of the air conditioning parts to basically give you a new system can cost over $4,000, but it depends on what kind of vehicle you have. Take your vehicle to an auto repair shop like Modern Auto Air as soon as possible so your air conditioning system can start releasing efficient cool air!