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Bad Habits Are Hard To Break: How You May Be Hurting Your Transmission Without Even Knowing It

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Transmission repairs can be expensive, and keeping your transmission healthy for as long as possible will help keep repair costs down. To avoid hurting your transmission and causing it to break, there are simple strategies you can follow. By being mindful of the habits that will ruin your transmission, your transmission will last as long as it should.

Stop Overheating Your Car

When your car's engine overheats, this causes unnecessary strain on your transmission. When you are driving a car with an automatic transmission, the key is to avoid temperatures above 200 degrees. Each time you go above this maximum temperature, you are causing damage to your transmission that could have been avoided. If your car is overheating and you aren't sure why, bring your car in for diagnostics before you cause more damage to your transmission.

Keep Fluids at the Right Level

The fluid inside your transmission keeps your engine cool and running smoothly. If you run out of transmission fluid, or you try to operate your vehicle with a low amount of transmission fluid, this can cause damage to your transmission. If you aren't sure how to check your transmission fluid, it's important that you get the fluid level checked several times a year to avoid driving around with low transmission fluid.

Get Your Transmission Fluid Changed on Schedule

Transmission fluid gets old and ineffective. Cars vary, so if you aren't sure how often your transmission fluid needs to be changed, check your owner's manual. Your transmission fluid needs to be replaced so that your transmission can continue to run well.

Avoid Fast Starts and Stops

If you are a driver that is often slamming on their brakes, you need to be more careful. Fast starts and stops cause your engine to heat up rapidly, and your transmission needs a break when it gets too hot. Whether you are accelerating quickly, or you are screeching your brakes when stopping, you are causing damage to your transmission.

Allow Your Car to Warm Up

Allowing your car to warm up for several minutes before driving away gives your transmission a chance to work properly. It is the fluid inside your transmission that needs to warm up in order to give your transmission the support it needs. When your car is warmed up before driving, you will increase the lifespan of your transmission.

If you believe your car is experiencing transmission problems, it's time to have your car checked out by a professional who specializes in transmission repair