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A Few Extra Benefits That Might Come With Your Roadside Assistance Membership

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Whether you have your roadside assistance membership through your car insurance policy, joined an automobile club, or purchased it through your mobile phone carrier, you may be surprised at what is included. Here are just a few benefits you may receive with your roadside assistance membership that can save you money or make your life easier.

Help When Not in Your Own Car

There may be a time when you are driving a friend's car, or a rental, and have a flat tire or other problem. You can still call for help. Many memberships cover not just your car, but you. You are covered when not in your own car, and a friend driving your car is covered too. So, be sure to have a membership card in the glovebox of your car, and carry one in your wallet too.


Many hotels, restaurants and car rental companies offer discounts to members of roadside assistance programs. Before going out for the evening, or on a trip, check the discounts available with your program. You may also receive a discount on parking if you go to the right place. Because the offers change at times, you can contact the place you will be going, or the benefit department of your program to see if there is a discount available. You may want to choose to frequent businesses that do offer a special to save on money regularly.

Legal Help

Some programs offer reimbursement of legal fees if you are defending yourself against a moving violation. You may also obtain a certificate to use instead of having to pay cash to get out on bail when arrested because of a traffic ticket that involves a moving violation. If you are locked up, mention your membership to your attorney and he or she can contact the program to find out how to proceed and get your benefits.

Don't throw out information that comes with your roadside assistance membership or anything that comes in the mail from them afterwards. You may need to use a coupon or code with your membership card to receive the discount. If the program offers a mobile app, be sure to put it on your phone as you may get notices of new discounts that way, and it will be easier to look up what is currently available. You may have joined the program to make sure you are not stranded on the side of the road in the middle of the night, but you need to take advantage of all the benefits your membership entitles you to use. You are paying for it, so get your money's worth.

If you don't have regular roadside assistance at your fingertips, consider looking into local services, such as Ragans Mac Auto Sales And Service, to see what your options are and determine which is best for you.