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5 Signs You Should Take Your Car To A Transmission Specialist

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One of the most dreaded automotive repairs can be that of an automatic transmission. The transmission of your vehicle is responsible for allowing the gears of your car or truck to shift seamlessly so that the vehicle can smoothly move in a forward or backwards direction. In addition, the gears allow the automobile to smoothly increase speed.

If the transmission of your car starts to fail, avoiding procrastination can prevent the problem from becoming more severe. A small transmission problem may be reparable. However, a severe issue may necessitate a full transmission replacement. Here are a few signs that you should take your car to a transmission specialist as soon as possible:

Delay in Gear Engagement

If your car pauses before engaging in gear, there may be a transmission problem. This delay typically occurs between gear shifts. For instance, if you attempt to shift from park to reverse, your car may simply stall for a moment before it moves into reverse. If you press the gas during this delay, your engine is likely to rev as it would when the accelerator is pressed and the car is in the neutral gear.


If you notice that your car is randomly slipping into wrong gears, it's time to take the vehicle to a mechanic. If your car slips into a lower gear that does not match the speed of your car, the slipping may result in your engine making a loud, humming noise until the proper gear is achieved.  In addition, your car may not have enough power to accelerate as quickly as you desire.

Warning Light

If your transmission warning light is on, your car's system has detected a transmission problem that needs to be professionally assessed.

Jarring During Gear Changes

When the transmission of your car is in good condition, the vehicle's gears should shift smoothly. You should not hear thud-like sounds as the gears are shifted. In addition, your car should not jump into gear with a jarring motion.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If transmission fluid is leaking from your car, you may notice wet areas on your driveway or in your parking space. If you are unsure of whether or not a spot on the ground is actually from a transmission fluid leak, you can place a light colored piece of a construction paper or cardboard on the ground beneath your car overnight. An active transmission fluid leak will usually be red or brown in color.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a transmission problem, have your car examined by a certified mechanic, such as A Transmissions, as soon as possible. Prompt repair can prevent the problem from worsening.