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Classic Trucks: Simple Guide To Self-Tow Your Collectible

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Purchasing a classic truck has its perks, especially after you complete the restoration process. Classic trucks usually have an appeal that modern vehicles can only dream of. But, collecting these types of vehicles also means that you might need some work that your auto body specialist will take care of. The following guide will help you get your vehicle where it needs to be.

Are You Prepared To Tow?

This hobby might make it necessary for you to tow vehicles more than once, which can get expensive if you rely on a towing specialist. But, you can take up that responsibility by simply towing your finds. You should consider some of the following to make sure you are ready to tow:

  • Be sure that you have a heavy duty vehicle. Consider installing an external transmission cooler and filter because hauling trucks will put a strain on your transmission, which may put it in danger of overheating.
  • Check your tires before you tow any vehicle; many road-related accidents occur because of worn tires or incorrectly pressurized tires.
  • Invest in a flatbed vehicle towing device, as it is the safest for all types of vehicles.
  • Understand that towing a vehicle means that you should drive carefully, as stopping, speeding up, and turning are tasks that take a little more effort.

You can talk to your mechanic about other things that you should consider when towing a vehicle.

Prepare Your Truck For Towing

Towing isn't only about making sure you have the right vehicle and equipment to tow; you also need to make sure the truck you are towing is ready, so pay attention to the following tips:

  • Read up on your vehicle's specific towing tips, as some trucks cannot be towed without certain considerations, like proper weight distribution or an axle coupling device to disconnect the drive shaft to protect it.
  • Find out if your vehicle is a rear-drive, front-drive, or all four wheel drive, as they all require a different type of hauling.
  • Make sure you lube your transmission before towing your vehicle to prevent any damage to it, especially if you are going to be hauling it with either the front or back wheels on the road.

Now you know a few things about towing your collectible safely should you need to resort to this. You can talk to your mechanic, as he or she may have other suggestions to ensure that you are ready to tow. Remember that you can always just have your mechanic deal with your vehicle(s) if you do not want to go through the trouble of doing it on your own.

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