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Three Signs Your Volvo's Transmission Is In Need Of Repair

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Volvos have been known for many years as quality automobiles. However, just like any other vehicle, they do come along with the potential for malfunctions. Particularly when it comes to the transmission, being able to recognize these problems early can help keep you from finding yourself stranded on the road and more importantly, help you save on repair costs. Here are just some of the Volvo transmission warning signs you need to pay attention to. 

Warning Light

Although it would seem like an obvious sign, some drivers overlook warning lights when there aren't any overt signs of transmission failure. While this warning light doesn't have to mean there is a catastrophic problem, it can mean that there is a software issue that needs to be addressed.

Volvos are one of the manufacturers that include transmission function within the computer control panel. If the software is outdated or there is another problem, the warning light will come on to make you aware of the issue. While your transmission may not fail immediately, failure to address the software concern can lead to further issues.

Prolonged Engagement

When you shift your vehicle into gear, it should almost immediately react. For instance, if you shift from "D" into "R," it shouldn't take several seconds for your vehicle to actually switch to reverse. If this is happening, this is considered prolonged engagement, which is definitely a problem that you need to have addressed.  

This problem can come about for a number of different reasons; however, it is often brought about by internal seals within the transmission that have worn. Worn seals can arise from failure to change your transmission fluid as suggested by Volvo. Repairing the problem begins with replacing the seals.

Transmission Slipping

Another common problem that can occur is transmission slipping. Transmissions are intended to stay in a particular gear until the driver shifts. If the transmission is slipping from gear to gear without you changing it, this is a serious problem.

For example, if you're driving on the highway and your vehicle slips into neutral, this creates a serious safety hazard. In many cases, this problem can be attributed to worn or broken gears within the transmission. Whatever the case, it's imperative to have the vehicle checked and repaired right away.

If your Volvo is experiencing a transmission issue, make sure you are taking your vehicle to a certified Volvo repair technician like one from Lakewood Imports Volvo Specialists for proper diagnosis and repair.