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3 Easy Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Failing Automatic Transmission

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If there is one problem you do not want to face as a car owner, it is a failing transmission. Even though transmissions can be repaired and replaced, this could easily be considered one of the most costly projects you ever tackle as a vehicle owner. It is rare for an automatic transmission to suddenly stop performing. In most cases, there are telltale indicators that something is wrong. If you are pretty sure your automatic transmission is on the road to failing, there are a few simple things you can do to make it last as long as possible. 

1. Skip the heavy hauling altogether. - Your vehicle may be equipped to haul a heavy load, whether it is on the bed of your truck or on a tow-behind trailer. However, when your transmission is showing signs of failure, it is best to skip any hauling at all. The problem with carrying extra weight is it forces the transmission of your vehicle to work even harder to keep going. If the tranny is already in bad shape, the extra heft could be all it takes for the gears inside to give out and leave you with a completely failed transmission. 

2. Take it easy after startup. - A transmission that is a bit older will need a little extra time to acclimate when the vehicle is started. Avoid jumping in your vehicle and taking off at full speed, forcing the automatic transmission to start changing gears rapidly. Instead, give your vehicle a few minutes to warm up by allowing it to idle and then take and accelerate off slowly. Likewise, you should avoid pushing the transmission too hard when climbing hills or gaining speed by making slow and easy changes in your speed. 

3. Have your transmission fluid and filter changed. - As the transmission starts to breakdown, small metal shavings and particles will start to accumulate within the transmission oil. the accumulation of this debris can cause drastic changes in how your transmission operates. If you suspect that your transmission is failing, go ahead and take it into the shop to have the fluid and filter changed. In some cases, you will see an immediate difference in how well your transmission functions just with this one maintenance task. But, even if the transmission is in pretty bad shape, changing the fluid and filter can take some of the stress off of it. 

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