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Stop And Go Performance: Brake Upgrades Are As Important As Engine Upgrades On Your Modified Car

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If you're a car enthusiast with a modified ride, you've probably already delved into upgrading your engine for more horsepower. However, many enthusiasts overlook braking performance in their pursuit of maximum acceleration. If you want a well-rounded sporty machine, your car's braking performance is just as important as its 0 to 60 time.

Brake Pads

The easiest and cheapest brake upgrade you can perform is installing a set of performance brake pads. Generally, stock pads are tuned to provide adequate performance while being cost-effective. Performance pads feature specially-tuned compounds to offer more bite for shorter stopping distances. They're also tuned to better withstand heat than stock pads, so your braking performance and pedal feel will remain more consistent during bouts of spirited driving. Performance brake pads are available for most vehicles in stock sizes as well as larger sizes to use with upgraded rotors and calipers.

Brake Rotors

Upgraded brake rotors will perfectly complement your performance brake pads. Performance rotors are larger than stock units, so there's more surface area for your brake pads to grab (assuming you also upgrade your calipers so you can install larger-than-stock brake pads). The larger surface area also helps dissipate heat so your brakes are less likely to fade under heavy loads. Additionally, some performance rotors are slotted or cross-drilled to further aid in heat dissipation. 

If you want to go all-out, you can even buy carbon-ceramic brake discs for ultimate stopping power. Carbon-ceramic brakes are often used on exotic supercars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so you know they'll perform better than the aluminum composites used in most other rotors.

Brake Calipers

To complete the package, install a set of performance brake calipers on top of your upgraded rotors. Performance calipers usually incorporate a multi-piston actuation system, meaning you have multiple pressure points activating each caliper when you hit the brake pedal. That gives your brakes more bite and a better pedal feel. Additionally, upgraded calipers are larger than stock units, so you can install larger brake pads for even more bite.

Brake Lines

To complement your upgraded brake system, install a set of braided steel brake lines. Your car's stock brake lines are composed of flimsy rubber that tends to stretch and deform as the brake fluid heats up. That will lead to a mushy pedal feel and inconsistent performance under heavy loads. Braided steel lines eliminate that problem due to the rigidity of the steel casing. 

You'll be amazed how much better your car stops with a fully upgraded brake system. Not only will that give you more performance when entering corners, it will also make your modified car safer to drive by matching your engine's increased acceleration with equally increased stopping power. Contact a company like Alignment Center to learn more.