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3 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Car

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Placing your car on the market can be an exciting adventure where you make a decent profit, or a total bust where you hardly profit at all. If you want to sell your car quickly, you want to make sure that it runs and appears as efficient as possible. Here are 3 things you should do before selling your car so you can increase your chances of making a positive sale.

Replace the windshield

Repairing or replacing cracks in your car's windshield can make a huge difference in its value in the eyes of your potential buyers. The cost to replace a windshield averages around $255, including labor for installation. While this may seem like a costly investment in a vehicle you aren't planning on keeping, keep  in mind that a new windshield can be factored into your car's asking price and can make it appear more valuable to potential buyers as a result.

Get new tires

Buy the cheapest tires you can and place them on your car, unless the tires you have on it already have ample tread left on them. New tires tell buyers that they are saving money in buying your car over another seller's because they don't have to replace them on their own. If you have a lot of tread left on the tires, let buyers know of any existing warranties that exist on them so they know the real value of what they are buying even though the tires are used.

Detail the interior

The interior of your car matters as much as the exterior to many potential buyers. Have the inside of your car professionally cleaned and wiped down so any odors, stains, and spots are wiped away for as fresh an appearance as possible. This can make your car appear newer and better cared for, which can increase its overall value. If you have major dents on the outside of the vehicle as well (aside regular minor scratches or dents), then you may want to have these buffed out in addition to doing the interior. This small investment can land you a large return.

You want your car to appear as valuable as possible when you go to sell it, and investing in a few cost-effective improvements can help you get the most money from your sale. In getting a new windshield replacement, detailing the interior and investing in new tires, you can improve the overall value of your car in the eyes of your buyers.