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Find out Why Your Brakes Are Failing

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It can be an easy mistake to overlook brake maintenance as there aren't any dashboard indicators that can quickly and conveniently inform you of brake damage. Well, instead of waiting until the last minute and letting your brakes fail, there are a few indicators you can catch on your own that will help you know when and why your brakes are wearing down. So, to be certain that you stay on top of your brake maintenance, be sure that you look for signs like the following:

Shaking When Using Your Brakes:

When braking, does your car or steering wheel begin to shake? If it does, then it could be likely that your rotors are warped. Warped rotors limit your brakes from having a firm grip with your rotors, and this can cause your car to shake when braking. If this sign is present, be sure to take your car to a repair shop so they can either replace or resurface your rotors so your brakes can have a flat surface to latch onto when you use them.

Braking Noises:

Does your car make noises each time that you brake your vehicle? If it does, then this could be a major sign that your pads need to be replaced. It is common for brake pads to come equipped with indicator sticks which become exposed once the brake pads have worn down to a certain level. Once your indicator sticks are exposed, then they will come in contact with your rotors and create the grinding or squeaking noises that you likely hear.

Unresponsive Brake Pedal:

If you are having to press long and hard on your brake pedal, then this could be caused by having bubbles or just poor quality braking fluid in your brake fluid line. Poor quality brake fluid can cause poor lubrication, making it harder for you to press your brake pedal or causing your pedal to become less responsive. This can make it very difficult for you to have the proper control over your vehicle and this is a great reason of its own to have your brake fluid replaced whenever you replace your brake pads.

Knowing these three signs can be very effective tips to know as these can be clear indicators that your brake system is already failing so you can obtain the proper repairs needed to avoid major and higher cost repairs down the road.