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3 Ways To Fix Body Damage To Your Vehicle

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If your vehicle has sustained a significant amount of damage to its body, there are multiple ways you can go about getting your vehicle fixed. A few of the repair options available to you are frame straightening, paintless dent repair, and regular dent repair:

#1 Frame Straightening

Frame straightening is a technical process that involves a large machine that your vehicle is placed on. Detailed measurements are taken of the entire structure and set-up of the body of your vehicle. These measurements are compared to ideal measurements for your vehicle's specific make and model.

This information is inputted into the frame straightening machine. Devices are attached to your vehicle that allows the machine to pull and bend your vehicle back into shape. Multiple measurements are taken until all parts of your vehicle has been manipulated back into the correct place. This will provide you with very precise results and get your vehicle's body right back to where it was before. This technique is often used when your vehicle has undergone some serious auto body damage.

#2 Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is a technique that is used to fix minor dents and creases on your vehicle. It is a very technical process that requires trained professionals to implement it. Specialty tools are used to gently push the dent and dings out of your vehicle's body panels. This is achieved without the need to sand down the area or use resin to fill in the dent. Instead, the dent is pushed out, and your vehicle's damaged body panel is returned to its original state without damaging the paint job on your vehicle.

#3 Regular Dent Repair

Regular dent repair involves the process of pulling the dents out of your vehicle. The dent may be filled in with resin to smooth it out if the dent cannot be properly pulled out. In that case, the body panel on your vehicle will be sanded down to the metal, requiring that area of your vehicle to be repainted. If the damage to your vehicle is really severe, the body panel may need to be completely replaced.

Be sure to talk with your auto repair technicians to figure out which auto repair method is the right for the particular damage your vehicle sustained. Remember, the overall go is to get your vehicle looking and functioning like it was before the accident. Choose a repair method that will help you achieve this goal.

Contact an auto repair shop for more information and assistance.