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Four Factors That Determine When Brakes Should Be Changed

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While there is a general guideline that outlines how often you should have your brakes changed, it can actually be changed drastically depending on the use of the car and more. Here are four factors that determine when your brakes should be changed:

  1. Driving Habits: The first thing that is going to determine how often you should be changing your brakes is your driving habits. If you are someone who presses hard on the brakes, which is definitely important to avoid since it causes the longevity of your brakes to diminish. This means that you are going to have to replace your brakes more often than not. 
  2. Driving Conditions: If you commute, which means you are stuck in traffic for a majority of the day, then your brakes are definitely getting heavy use. This means that you need to replace your brakes more often than recommended. If, however, you are someone who rarely drives or you drive on smooth, country roads where brake usage isn't required as much as it is in the city, then you could definitely go much longer without having to replace your brakes. 
  3. Brake Pads: The brake pads that you use are also going to make a difference in how often they need to be changed. This is why investing in high quality brake pads is the best way to prolong the chances of having to replace them, which is even more important if you live in the city or commute to work. You also want to be sure that you are using brake pads that are recommended for the type of vehicle you drive, otherwise, their longevity is not nearly going to be as long as it should. 
  4. Materials: Finally, all of the materials that make up your braking system is going to make a difference. Investing in the highest quality materials will prolong it's lifespan, which ultimately means less long term costs of maintaining your brakes. Be sure that you talk to the professionals about what materials are best suited for your type of vehicle since materials work differently depending on usage. 

These are just four factors that determine how often your brakes should be changed. However, just because you come up with your own customized schedule for changing brakes doesn't mean you should ignore the signs that it might need to be done earlier. If there is any shaking when you brake or squealing, definitely take your car in for potential brake repair