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Have A Scratched Windshield? Know Why It Happened

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Have you noticed some windshield damage that causes it to look scuffed or scratched? You may have unknowingly caused this damage on your own. Here are a couple reasons why a windshield can become damaged.

Your Old Windshield Wipers

The surface of a windshield wiper is supposed to smoothly glide over your windshield's surface to wipe away the rain, but it will not do its job if there's existing damage to them. Those old wipers could be damaging your glass if you are not careful. The surface touching the glass should be soft rubber, though over time the rubber can have notches and become very hard. When you combine this with accidentally turning on the wipers when the glass is dry, it can result in scratches that form across the surface.

It is a good idea to monitor the condition of your windshield wiper blades to ensure that they are not damaged. Not only are they easy to replace on your own, but the part is really cheap. Ignoring your wipers can result in some annoying damage to your car that you'll notice every time you drive.

Even if the wiper blades are brand new, you need to be careful about debris getting stuck under the blades. Dirt and tiny pebbles can cause scratches if the blades drag them across the surface. If you have a really dirty windshield, think twice about turning on the windshield wipers to clear them off. Run the wiper fluid first to make sure the surface is wet.

Your Ice Removal Method

Be careful when you remove ice from your windshield in the winter. A common problem is using a plastic ice scraper that was in your car all summer, and the heat from the sun caused the plastic to melt a little bit. Sharp edges on the scraping tool can cause scratches on a windshield.

You also should avoid melting ice with hot water. It will provide instant results, but there is a risk of it cracking the glass due to the extreme temperature difference. Even if you do not see the crack immediately, it can cause the glass to become weak, causing a crack once your car starts hitting bumps on the road.

If you notice that your windshield is damaged, you are not completely out of luck. Head to an auto glass repair shop and ask about your options for windshield replacement.