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Three Reasons To Rotate Your Tires

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Just like all other parts of your vehicle, your tires need to be properly cared for to ensure that they stay in good working condition. One of the most common types of tire maintenance that you should perform on your car is regular tire rotations, in which the back and the front tires of your vehicle are switched with each other. Knowing the benefits associated with regular tire rotations can help you understand why you should make this specific procedure part of your vehicle maintenance schedule.

Longer Tire Lifespan

The primary reason to consider having your tires rotated on a regular basis is that maintaining that strict schedule ensures that the wear that your tires experience is spread out across your tires evenly. This is because your front tires are the ones that are able to freely turn, which means that they experience more friction and wear than the back tires do and will lose their tread at an increased rate if they are not rotated out. This can help save you money on tire replacement and maintenance in the long run. Be sure to check your owner's manual to see the recommendations for the amount of distance that you should travel before you rotate your tires for optimal results. 

Better Performance

In a similar line of thinking to the above point, rotating your vehicle's tires regularly can help boost the performance of your car. This is because leaving a set of tires on your front wheels for long enough can lead to their treads being worn bald, reducing their ability to grip the road and direct your vehicle without slipping. This can also place additional stress on your suspension and brakes since the tires will have worse traction on the road, thus increasing the risk of a collision occurring. Rotating, especially if you are going to be driving in wet or winter conditions, can help you safely handle your vehicle on the roads.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Finally, the last thing to note about regular tire rotations is that they can increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Worn-out treads create more friction with the road, which means that your vehicle is slower and requires more energy to get up to speed. Rotations will spread that wear out, which translates into less wasted fuel and saved money at the pump since you will have to fill up at less frequent intervals. 

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