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About Your Car's Windshield

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If you end up with a crack in your windshield then you may find yourself wondering if you are going to need to have your entire windshield replaced, or if you can get away with having it repaired. The first rule of thumb you want to follow is to always go with full replacement if you feel that would be the right choice in your own gut. Here is some of the things that you will need to think about and should know about when it comes to repairing or replacing your car's windshield.

Understand how a windshield is constructed

By understanding more about your car's windshield, you will have a better understanding with regards to why it can be so important to replace it under certain circumstances. A windshield is comprised of two pieces of glass, not just one which many people believe to be the case. Each piece of glass is separated by a layer of material called polyvinyl butyrate that acts as a clear glue.

Having the two pieces of glass along with the glue substance between them is an important design. This way of constructing the windshields is what helps make them so durable and it is also what helps prevent the windshield from breaking into little pieces when something hits it. There is also a small amount of sun rays blocked just due to the windshields design as well.

Understand when a windshield may be able to be repaired

In order to really know whether or not your windshield can be repaired instead of replaced, you will need to have it seen by the professionals. While you may look at your windshield and feel that it looks like it can easily be repaired, a windshield professional may spot one or even several reasons why repairing your windshield would be an unsafe and horrible idea.

In some cases, a small crack can be repaired. The usual consensus is that a chip or crack that is smaller than 6-inches can be repaired and in many instances it can. However, the windshield expert may look at your windshield and advise you that yours must instead be replaced. This can be due to many things.

One of the most common reasons why this type of chip or crack would take a full windshield replacement would be due to the damage being in a place that takes on most of the stress while you are driving your car. Another reason may be due to the damage being in a place that takes on extra stress simply due to its location. If there is any doubt about the safety of your windshield after a repair, then agree with the full windshield replacement for safety reasons.