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Things To Expect To Repair In Your Used Fifth Wheel

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A fifth wheel can provide you with a whole summer of enjoyment and relaxation, and you don't have to spend a ton of money on a brand-new model to get the ideal fun times you desire. Whether you want to casually use your recreational vehicle addition or you plan on using your fifth wheel for the majority of the warmer months, you can expect some repairs along with your purchase. This is especially the case when you buy a used fifth wheel, mainly because used models have more wear and tear on them and additional mileage over newer counterparts.

So, what repairs can you expect to have done on your fifth wheel when you take the unit to the shop? Knowing what to expect as far as repairs go will help you stay on top of the needs you have for your trailer so you can continue using it without worrying about costly repairs.


The lights and wiring in your fifth wheel will need to be periodically adjusted. This is because the lights and wires will sometimes get jarred from repeated travel, especially through rugged or rough terrain. Your lights may also break if they come into contact with rocks, trees, or branches or the wires can get dusty and become loose over time.

Your auto service repair technician will check the lights and wiring attachments on your fifth wheel as part of your routine vehicle checkup. If lights need to be upgraded, replaced, cleaned, or if wires need to be stripped or redone, your auto specialist will do this work for you.


Your brakes and tires are essential parts of your recreational vehicle. Your fifth wheel may have tires that will last a long time due to lack of travel, but if your tires have never been replaced, the tread will become brittle and aged anyway and require replacement.

The same goes for brakes: make sure you bleed the brakes on your fifth wheel prior to taking the unit out for a longer vacation and have the specialist working on your trailer check the brake lights and brake pads to make sure your vehicle is working exactly as it should.

There are other things you'll need to have repaired on your used fifth wheel, but you don't have to have all mechanical issues addressed at one time. Your auto specialist will perform repairs based on need and importance to make your recreational vehicle safer and more reliable for all your summer traveling.