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Small Car Problems That Still Matter

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When most people think of car trouble, they think of the big stuff. Is your transmission going out? Will you have to pay several hundred dollars to replace a failed starter or a frozen AC compressor? Cars make the grind of daily life possible for many Americans, but they can also sometimes be costly sources of frustration. Despite this, cars still offer many little pleasures that make commuting just a bit more tolerable, if not outright enjoyable.

Big problems will stop you dead in your tracks, but small problems can detract from the joy of driving. If you drive an older vehicle, it's especially easy to let these minor issues build up. Below, you will find a few common problems that are worth fixing, even if they aren't showstoppers. You may be surprised to find that many won't cost you an arm and a leg to correct.

Busted Windshield Washer Pumps

Have you ever pulled on your windshield wiper stalk only to miss that sweet spray of washer fluid? If your reservoir isn't empty, then it's likely that your pump has gone out. Washer pumps can wear out over time or become gummed up by cheap washer fluid. Luckily, replacing them is usually inexpensive and easy. For many makes and models, washer pumps are relatively inexpensive and can generally be installed by a shop in an hour or less. Getting your washer pump fixed will make your commute safer and less frustrating, especially if you drive on salty, sandy, or dusty roads.

Glaring Check Engine Lights

Is there an angry yellow light staring up at your from your dashboard? If you don't have any obvious drivability symptoms, then there's a good chance that you've got a problem somewhere in your emissions system. It might seem like you can ignore emissions failures, but they can reduce your car's power and fuel efficiency over time. Depending on the problem, you may also eventually begin to experience noticeable drivability symptoms. Getting your car's error codes read is often free at local parts stores, and many minor sensor problems are easily fixable.

Wonky Windows

Got a window that doesn't want to stay up? You can try duct taping it, but that's an ugly solution at best and one that rarely works for long. Windows that are don't work correctly are annoying in the summer, but they're downright devastating in the winter. Faulty regulators cause most power window problems, and these parts are generally (although not always) relatively cheap. Replacement usually takes a couple of hours for a skilled technician, so you can often get a bad one replaced pretty quickly. Of course, this varies from car to car, so it's best to consult with a mechanic first.

There are many more small, quality-of-life problems that can detract from the driving experience. It can feel like a luxury to waste money on fixes that aren't vital, but these small repairs are often the best way to rediscover your love for your car.  

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